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Nobbing Machine For Sardine, anchovy & similar species

Approx. dimensions
Length: 4.000 mm Width:     2.000 mm
Workstations: 8-10 (4-5 per each side)
Capacity: Up to 650 fish/min.
Nobbing machine consists of;
Two cutting sections
Two venturi nobbing systems
Two conveyor belt with sanitary plastic pockets
Two dynamic transport systems
Two collection tanks
Water tank
Two platforms for workers
Electrical panel
Control panel


Manual Packing Line

Two conveyors for supplying empty cans to each operator equipped with modular belt 150 mm wide (each conveyor), shafts
with acetal gears,  thermoplastic resin ball bearings. Driven by geared motor with variable speed. These conveyors are placed parallel to
the central brine tank, one at left and one at right of it. Each conveyor is divided into two streets, obtaining in this way 4 packing
streets, two per each side of the central tank. Empty  cans  come  automatically  to  the  packingline from aerial conveyors made of stainless steel rods. Built in stainless steel AISI 316.


Continuous Steam Cooker

This cooker is designed to place three plastic trays
460x460 mm dimension (capacity for 28 cans RR-125
or other capacities depending of the can format used)
on each hanging tray. It can be used with all kind of
can format. Fish is packed in cans UPSIDE DOWN  
in order to drain off the "sweats" generated in the
cooking process.

Capacity: up to 120 cans/minute
Approx. dimensions:
Total length: 8.000 mm
Cooking camera length: 5.000 mm
Total width: 2.000 mm
Built in stainless steel AISI 316
Contact us for more details.


Oil & Sauce Dosing Machine

 Approx. dimensions: 3.000 x 200 mm
Tank: 1.000 x 500 mm

Overflow or direct oiling tunnel.
Stainless steel pump of 0.5 HP to pump the
oil from the tank located at the bottom of
the oiling tunnel. Tank with steam coil equipped
with solenoid valve, filter and air eliminator
(drain valve) Oil temperature is controlled by a
PT100 probe: temperature is shown in a digital
display installed in the control panel.
Steam inlet controlled by shear valve that stops
inlet of steam when the temperature is too high.
Oil level controlled by stainless steel  float valve.
An agitator driven by 1 HP geared motor is installed
in the tank: it emulsifies sauce when used instead of oil.
The surplus oil returns to the tank through a 0,41 mm
mesh filter. Cans are oiled continuously and lineally
and they are transported by means of stainless steel
chain of ½” driven by geared motor with variable speed.
Built in stainless steel AISI 304.



Can Seamer

Sommetrade Model 444
Capacity: up to 120 cans per minute
Can feeder with synchronisation timing screw
Cover feeder with finger chain Clinching station with 6 pistons allowing overfilling up to 10 mm. Clinching chucks with magnets for tin
plate cover and special guides for aluminium covers.
Clinching centerers to avoid deformation of overfilled cans
One single seaming station Fast attack seaming technology (5 turns/seam).
Pre-curling roll to even the covers flange specially in the
curved zones 4 seaming rolls: (1) pre-curling, (1) 1st operation and (2)
2nd operation. Electronic speed variator and PLC for
control & synchronisation in the line. Safety guards
according to CE regulations
Dimensions: 2.650* 1.850* 2.300mm



Linear Can Washing Machine
With Oil Recovery

Approx. dimensions:
Total length: 2.300 mm Total width: 1.200 mm
Width of the washing tunnel: 340 mm
Tank: 1.200 x 1.000 mm

Equipped with a shower system properly placed
to wash all the can surface.
Water is pumped by electric pump 5.5kW, at
3 bar pressure and 48000 litres/hour volume flow.
The tank is equipped with an oil decantation system 
and  filters  conveniently  located  at pump suction end.
The water is heated in the same tank, by a closed steam
coil which has a solenoid valve and thermodynamic
steam trap with filter.
The  temperature  of  water  is  controlled  by  a  PT100 
probe  connected  to  a  temperature controller with
digital display located in control panel.
With a temperature of around 80-85ºC a good wash 
is  ensured,  without  using  any cleaning product.
Built in stainless steel AISI 316.


Sterilization Autoclave With 4 Trolley Capacity

Technical characteristics Horizontal Autoclave:

Usefull length: 4.400 mm.
Total length: 5.200 mm.
External diameter: 1.300 mm
Totally built in stainless steel AISI 304
Thickness of cylindrical body: 6 mm.
Thickness of cap doors: 8 mm.
Heat isolated with glass fiber and covered
with stainless steel sheet of 0,6mm
Capacity for 4 trolleys 850x850x800 mm.
One doors with automatic lock by pneumatic
cylinder, activated by a pulsator located near the door.
10 HP pump and 110 m3/hour water circulation.
Stainless steel heat exchanger AISI 304.
Maximum pressure work: 3 bar
Maximum admissible temperature: 150ºC
Can format GHOST 17
Can dimensions(LxAxH): 122*85*24mm
Trolley capacity:1960 cans
Autoclave capacity full load: 7.840 cans






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